Saturday, 15 October 2011

How do I know if He is Flirting with Me????

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m no smooth catch.  I’m probably as smooth as Elaine from Seinfeld dancing.  Yup that would be me in all my glory :O).  My lack of smoothness extends to flirting and any type of interactions with the opposite sex.  I don’t know how to tell if someone is actually flirting with me, and heaven forbid how to respond to it.  I guess if push came to shove I could figure it out….maybe.  But with the technology people use today to communicate, I’m really in over my head.   

I have this guy friend who I like to call my text buddy.  I call him that because he doesn’t call me, pop by to see me in person or anything else interactive.  We have actually only hung a couple of times.  But from time to time he will text me a great deal for a day or so and than drop of the radar again.  I sometimes feel it’s like booty calling minus the calling and the sex.  I am still not sure how it all started or why he wants to be in contact with me.  I think we do have similar personalities, but we don’t spend any face to face time together to know for sure.  Maybe he texts me cause he’s board and has no one better to text at that time or maybe this is the form his friendships take.  Either way it’s all a little odd to me.  I use cell phones, computers and all that as much as the next person.  But I also like to fall back on the old face to face communication as well, especially when I’m trying to figure out someone’s motives. 

Anyways once in a while it seems like his text are on the flirty side.  But than again who am I to judge this?  I’m not 100% sure I would know what flirting is even if it hit me in the face, especially not through texting.  How am I supposed to decode his motives behind just words?  Half of talking to someone is reading their body language and hearing the tones in their voice.  Take that away and all I’ve got to work with are words.  What am I suppose to do with words?  With just his words, how do I tell if he is trying to flirt with me or if he’s just farting around?  I guess I could always come right out and ask him.  But than what if he is just farting around and now he thinks I think he’s flirting with me.  That would kill the friendship pretty darn fast.  The other side is what if he is flirting with me.  Asking him maybe stepping on his ego and saying he doesn’t flirt very well, when in reality I just can’t figure it out.  I’m bit of a stubborn person and is always trying to figure things out for myself.  So instead of just telling him “I just don’t get any of this,” I am trying to figure it out for myself.  Well with your assistants that is :O).  Yes Yes I know I could save my self the trouble and headache and talk to him, but really what would be the fun in that and I really wouldn’t learn much about how guys text.

I don’t want to put specific quotes from his text in here, as he may actually be reading this and not be impressed with his texts being posted.  If you are reading this text buddy please leave an anonymous comment below and tell everyone if indeed you are trying to flirt with me or even if you think I’m a little nuts for all of this.

With out getting too specific, he has sent me text like “you should check out (insert movie title here)” or “you should go to (insert event name, date and time here)”  Does this mean he is just keeping me up to date on happings around Fort McMurray?  Or does this mean he wants to go to these things with me?  Once I did ask if he was going to the event, and his response was “hmmm maybe” well that just confused me even more.  Was I suppose to ask him to the event, should I have gone solo and looked for him there or should I have asked someone else to go with me?   My mind was hurting so bad from all of the questions spinning around in there that I didn’t bother going to the event at all.  I never asked him if he went to the event or not.  At that point I didn’t even want to know.  I put it in my head that he was just farting around and left it at that.

Leaving it at that was easy enough, until one night when I was on the POF dating site.  I noticed he had a profile on there and had selected the "wanted to meet me" option on my profile.  He has never to this day sent me any messages or tried to chat with me on that dating site.  Nor has he ever said anything to me about being on the same dating site as me.  I have never brought it up, as if figured he didn’t want to acknowledge it.  But this confused me even more.  Did he want me to quietly know he was single and looking?  Is he expecting me to make a move because he checked the meet me option on my profile?      

The very first time we hung out together was at a work event.  At the end of the night everyone signed each others book (kinda like signing a yearbook in high school).  On my book, he wrote his new number.  Why would he write his number?  I checked everyone’s book. I was the only one who got it.  So I ask you, please tell me what did that mean?  I thought that he must wanted me to have it, but why?  Why not say something to me in person?  I just chalked it up to him have one to many drinks that night and left it at that.  That was until he started texting me, than I starting wondering again. 

Since that night there have been many many text about body parts, and all kinds of stuff.  He has also brought me treats at work, but not when I’ve been there.  He does know my schedule very well.  He has to submit invoices to me several times a week and therefore knows the times I’m in the office.  While he does see him when he drops of his paperwork, it is only for a brief moment and he has never asked or talked about the text we send each other.  There was one day about an hour after I was gone home; I got a text from him that said he had left cookies for me at my office.  They were indeed my favorite kind, but anyone who knows me knows, I can’t live without chocolate chip cookies.  I rushed back to the office and got them and boy oh boy weren’t they good.  But why would he leave them after work like that?  Why not wait until the next day when he had to drop of his invoices or why not bring them to my house?  Again I was confused by his motives. 

All of this aside, I’m not even sure I want him to be flirting with me.  I haven’t been around him enough to even know if I am or could be attached to him.  As confused as I am, I do like our text and the funny stuff he says.  I mean what if he was actually flirting with me and got balls enough to ask me out, holy than what am I supposed to do?   

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  1. What happened??? Did you ever find out? I think he likes you but is too shy or something???